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There are so many people that are not living with Quality of Life who want to find a way to get back to "as normal of life" as they can. What I can tell you is, in my 20+ years of staying with and developing High-Energy ShockWave I have found that when it comes to money out for something that will change their life for the better, they are all in. RESULTS are what matter. I have the Highest Profile People that are in the limelight on stage even today where the public can see the results that they have gotten with me. You can actually see for yourself how it holds up long term, which is a whole other concern people have. I am starting to put people on video's and in pictures, we are asking them do google reviews now. Many patients have wanted to wait to give a clean review, most from years ago that got tremendous results and actually have had years of relief that you can hear about from them.

I feel bad for those who try other modality's and don't get relief. Your Health is everything. I can only have this True Orthopedic Modality available to the ones that figure out this is what they are looking for.


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