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"SoftWave" Confuses Patient's

Patients come to me over and over telling me how the shock wave that they had did not get them results. After I tell them that any of these "hand held devices" that are everywhere now in chiropractor's office's, physical therapy facility's, etc. are not capable to actually correct the injury and get the healing process started the right way. I can tell you from my 20 years of experience doing High Energy ShockWave procedures for multiple surgeon's patient's along with my own that there is no surgeon that would recommend the "hand held low intensity devices" for most any chronic issues that they see. When they tell a patient that there is an alternative to invasive surgery and to look for "shock wave", they are referring to the High Energy ShockWave, which is the TRUE Orthopedic modality that they know about.

You can spend money out for the multi-session shock wave that is everywhere and see how it does, or you can save that money and get the "Single Procedure High Energy ShockWave" that has the ability to correct the issue or injury and have the healing put on the right track for Amazing Results.

What I have found is it is "Education" that helps people to make the right decision for them and I am doing everything that I can do to get the information out there for you.

High Energy ShockWave is very hard to find, you have found it here.


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