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10920 Moss Park Road,

Orlando, FL 32832, USA


7400 SW 87th Ave,

Miami, FL 33173, USA


1155 NE 13th Street,

Gainesville, FL 32601, USA

Your ShockWave Treatment Is Most Important to us.

We want to have all Aspect of your Procedure in Perfect order starting with Select Locations that are make sense for Patients from around the World to come in and have their High-Energy ShockWave procedure done. We have Top Physicians in our location who know and understand ESWT to its fullest extent for you to have the Best Medical Experience with Your ESWT Procedure Possible.

Most Importantly the ShockWave machine itself is the Best High-Energy ShockWave Machine on the market for you.

We have performed Thousands of procedures in the 15 years of providing this service to patients with an Incredibly HIGH Rates of Success, 90%+ and maintaining it.

I have found that a large number of people around the United States are looking for a way to have High-Energy ShockWave Treatment done safely, efficiently and effectively. I have that set up for you. We are here for you and ready to get you back your Quality of Life.


Tel: 352-258-5858