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Robin Lyons

St. Petersburg, FL

I want to tell to everyone about ESWT and how it entirely changed my life. My thumb had been injured in an accident and no doctor could get me any relief from the constant debilitating pain. I could not function with even the smallest task, UNTIL I found Bart and ESWT. From that day forward my thumb has gotten progressively better, the pain was gone from the beginning and has never returned, my range of motion has returned as well as my quality of life. Thank you Bart, and all that you do with ShockWave!

Justin Gatlin

Orlando, FL.

ESWT has been a Godsend for me, I was completely amazed at what ESWT was able to do for injuries that could not be addressed even with surgery that Bart was able to change dramatically. In addition, he  was able repair an old surgery that had been plaguing me ever since it was done, he is amazing with ShockWave ESWT.

Nathan Wonsley

Tampa, Fl

Since playing for the Tampa Bay Bucks, I still compete in the World Class Bodybuilding and I had an issue with both my upper and lower back that restricted my ability to lift the weight needed to win competitions. When I found ESWT and had the procedures done, it made an immediate difference in my ability to start regaining what I lost being down with this debilitating disorder.

DeCarlo Deveaux

Tampa, FL

It has been almost 2 years since I was found High-Energy ShockWave ESWT and "Bart!". I have had such tremendous pain relief and better range of motion from the day he did the procedure and it just keeps getting better. I want tell all of you that "Bart" has the most amazing company going that truly gave back my quality of life. I experienced it first hand and I want you to know it has changed my life.

Tony Ross

Lake Mary, FL

From start to finish it was a pleasure! I didn't have to do anything but show up. Bart was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and so friendly he made me feel very comfortable. My pain was constant prior to the procedure. Here it is a few months later and I am PAIN FREE!! I would have never believed this could be. I now recommend High Energy Shock wave to all of my World Class Athletes. Thanks again!!!

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Video Testimonials:

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DeCarlo Deveaux
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Athletes Pictures Are Posted HERE
So YOU Can Watch How High-Energy ESWT Changed THEIR LIVES

Harold Houston

Harold "Tre" Houston is a Bermudian Sprinter who specializes in 200m 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Tre Has Improved His Times  Dramatically Since His ESWT Procedure.

EVERY Patients Picture Throughout This Website Are Patients That Want to Be On The Site! THEY SEE How Well It Worked!

In ALL of my years Specializing in High-Energy ShockWave ESWT as an Orthopedic Practioner, doing what I do, hearing what I hear and KNOWING What I Know.

I have NOT Found a Good Way for Patients to Tell Their Stories TO YOU.


EVERYONE Can Tell Their Story, NOW!



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