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Changing The Dynamics on How
ShockWave Treats Patients!!!

The way this was constructed to get to where we are today was a long journey. Beginning with my own orthopedic issues when I was 5 years old, which gave me an inside look at Orthopedics from a patient perspective, my brother's went straight into Orthopedics out of college when I was 6 years old. As time went on, I began working for both of my brother's in their Orthopedic Company's. This continued all through my adult life. Working for these Family Owned Orthopedic Company's handling most all aspects within each of these company's structures at different points of my life, going into surgical environments, handling about everything there is through the year's. It was evident that I was in a space that I excel in.


As ShockWave came into The US in the early 2000's I found that High-Energy ShockWave had a perfect fit with all that I had learned and developed throughout my time spent within these Orthopedic Structure's

I Trained from 2002-2007, becoming certified in High-Energy ShockWave continuing working with Georgia Orthopedics for many more years doing High-Energy ShockWave procedures for the VA's, as well as many Private Practice's.


High-Energy ShockWave is a perfect fit to help people that are looking for an Alternative to Surgery that is Non-Invasive, that has a better outcome than surgery with a rapid recovery time, back to work the next day and it only takes one procedure.


Nothing Compares!!!


High-Energy Extracorporeal ShockWave is a State of the Art non-invasive, non-surgical technology with an extremely High Rate of Success, with no harmful side effects and best of all, no down time. It is often referred to as the "Ossatron" Procedure, as the Ossatron was the first High-Energy ShockWave Machine on the Market!


You are smart to have waited and to have searched and found this Technology.

As time moved forward, interacting with many patients, I saw the need to have this State of the Art Technology available to Patients in Florida and brought High-Energy ShockWave ESWT to Doctors all over South Florida, that was year's ago. The first few year's in Florida I brought nearly 100 South FL. Doctors on-board, we were treating patients with High-Energy ESWT and having HUGE Success for them.

Throughout my years of pursuing ShockWave in this manner, speaking with many patients, I found that having a centralized location for people to come to in Florida was needed. Merging a Physician within the company structure, and having a Highly Trained Staff to Assist with High-Energy ShockWave procedure. With Our Main Focus being High-Energy ShockWave, we HAVE High-Energy ShockWave here for you in Florida.


We do procedures in Miami, and we are also in Gainesville, Florida.


We have found through the years that once people know that "True" High-Energy ShockWave is available, and it is exactly what they need, they will come wherever we are. We have had patients come as far as New York as well as Washington State, when they know we do the procedure.


Finding us was the hard part, getting to us is easy!

We feel that people need a place that they feel comfortable, where they feel in control, able to express their concerns and get their questions answered by our Team of Medical Professionals

and we have never stopped moving forward from that point. We are set up for those that are searching for High-Energy ShockWave ESWT.


Every Patient has expressed in some way or another how Extraordinary their Medical Experience's were and some have even gone as far as to state that their procedure was "The BEST Medical Experience that they had ever had".


We look forward in speaking with you and bringing back a better Quality to your Life in the near future. Please feel free to contact us anytime. on the the contact page.

Justin Gatlin Me

Justin Gatlin:
World Champion USA 100M GOLD 
Going for Olympic GOLD, in 2021!!!

Tia Jones Bart
Anchor 1

Tia Jones

Click The Picture to Hear What She Has To Say.

Nathan Wonsley upper back
Nathan Wonsley lower Back

Nathan Wonsley
NFL Tampa Bay Buck Veteran / Professional Body Builder

Everyone is a VIP to me!
Patients Pictured On This Site Love What High-Energy ShockWave Did For Them.

Jeff Gibson

Jeffery Gibson: 

World Champion Bahamian GOLD Medalist That Loves How Well High-Energy Shockwave ESWT Worked For Him.

Tourek Williams

Still Playing STRONG  in the NFL 5 years later!

Tourek Williams:
San Diego Chargers NFL
Eric Alejandro Bart

Eric Alejandro: 

Olympic Medalist for Puerto Rico 400 M Hurdler. He's going GOLD after his High-Energy ShockWave ESWT!

Alfred Foy

Alfred Foy

EXTREME Everyday Working Professional That Had Bi-Lateral Avascular Necrosis. High-Energy ShockWave Gave Him Back HIS Quality of Life!!!
Improvement Across The Board And NO PAIN!!!

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