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We want you informed on ALL that our High-Energy ShockWave ESWT has available for you.


Your ShockWave Treatment Is Most Important to us.


We want to have all Aspect of your Procedure in Perfect order starting with Select Locations that are make sense for Patients from around the World to come in and have their High-Energy ShockWave procedure done. The Physician at our location knows and understands ESWT to its fullest extent for you to have the Best Medical Experience with Your High-Energy ESWT Procedure Possible.


Most Importantly the High-Energy ShockWave Machine 

itself is the Best High-Energy ShockWave Machine on the market for you.


We have performed Thousands of procedures in the 20 years of providing this service to patients with an Incredibly HIGH Rates of Success, 90%+ and maintaining it.


We have found that a large number of people around the United States are looking for a way to have High-Energy ShockWave Treatment done safely, efficiently and effectively. We have that set up for you. We are here for you and ready to get you back your Quality of Life.



The complete cost for a High-Energy ShockWave ESWT Procedure here is on our Q&A page. The Medical Staff at the location will be available to make you comfortable for your procedure.

A $500.00 Non refundable deposit is require to secure your treatment date. The deposit can ONLY be re-used if there is a 

>>>>>>>24 hour NOTICE is given <<<<<< with a rescheduled date. This deposit will be held for the rescheduled date only be used to cover costs incurred, (if) the machine is taken to the location without the 24 hour notice and the case has been rescheduled.


We will assist in anyway to get you in a hotel that is right for you in the area. Also, if booking a flight into the right airport needs our assistance, we will help with that also with no additional charge. We want to assist you in your trip here. If Car rental or Our Exclusive VIP Transport Services is needed that we can assist with that, please ask and we will make Your Experience with Us As Stress Free as possible.

We know that you just want to get rid of your pain without causing more pain to do so, this is why we will Help with your travel plans, your accommodations, we even have VIP Services Available for You and Your Family.



Need assistance for accommodations?
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