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There are so many treatments and therapies out there that people try for an issue or injury that really does not do anything to help with their Quality of Life.

This IS NOT the CASE with High-Energy Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy. This Highly Effective Orthopedic Modality has been around for many years. The reason you have not heard of it is Doctors are not good at selling CASH PAY options to patients. When insurance was covering the procedure the reimbursement was $6,000. It was being used for so many issues that the insurance companies had an Australian Doctor put tainted studies in, so basically insurance did not have to pay for this procedure anymore. Because High-Energy ShockWave can treat and correct so many tendon related issues, they found that patients would figure this out and would have other issues treated at another $6,000. One patient with multiple issues, such as a knee injury would figure out that it could also heal their Plantar Fasciitis, and their Epicondylitis, then they would have Back & Shoulder issues that they needed relief from, Carpal Tunnel, Shin Splints, Neuromas, Torn peroneal tendons, Achilles Tendon Ruptures, and the list goes on. These issues multiplied by two sides of the body can add up to a small fortune that the insurance companies were not prepared to pay out for. Now, can you see why this Highly Effective Orthopedic Modality was taken off of the list, not given a code for insurance to cover these procedures.

I continued High-Energy ShockWave after it was basically discontinued for the people that wanted what they knew was right and I offer it at half the price that Insurance was once paying out for this amazing procedure. If money is a factor, possibly High-Energy ShockWave is out of your reach, but even then, I try to help where I can, I just need to hear from you. I have patients all of the time telling me that the results that they got were well worth the small amount of money that they paid when everything was considered.

I am here for you, and I will always be here for you when you finally figure out that I am the one option that can get you the results that you are looking for and get pain out of your life.

And YES, that is Steven Gardiner, WINNING GOLD, again at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!!!

Steven Gardiner after Achilles procedure


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