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Common Concerns About High-Energy Shockwave

Although High-Energy ShockWave therapy has been around for years, many people still have questions about Shockwave ESWT and why there are different modality's.

The following are three common concerns about shockwave treatment.

How to tell the difference between High-Energy ShockWave and low energy or low-intensity shockwave

Ask the office if the shockwave device they use is a handheld device and whether it requires multiple sessions or is it just a one-time procedure and a large heavy machine, this is a good indication of whether it’s the true High-Energy Shockwave treatment. High-Energy Shockwave ESWT is a one-time procedure that provides lasting results that can’t be achieved with any handheld low-energy or low-intensity shockwave device.

Can Shockwave Therapy cause nerve damage?

Many people are concerned about potential nerve damage with shockwave therapy. However, High-Energy Shockwave Therapy is completely safe and has no adverse side effects to nerves, I have stimulated nerves in some cases that trigger a regeneration of feeling while removing the tingling, burning numbness from that nerve.

Is High-Energy Shockwave Treatment painful?

High-Energy Shockwave ESWT targets the injury direct, therefore can cause pain and discomfort. Anesthetic is available for patient comfort to numb the area if needed, however many patients opt against using any numbing agents and can tolerate the pain of the procedure.

Patient having lower a back issue was corrected with High-Energy ShockWave


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