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ALL Patients ASK...

Over the past 15 years that I have been doing ShockWave ESWT I have most all patients ask why more people are not told about High Energy ShockWave or ESWT by Dr.'s. The reason is Dr.'s just don't talk about it, mainly because it is not covered by insurances and when it is CASH PAY the Dr.'s are afraid of telling their patients about it even if the patient is looking for an alternative and wants to pay for this amazing orthopedic modality.

Then, there is LOW ENERGY that has come out known by "Hand Held Devices" that are just not effective, but the Dr.'s get them and try it on patients with not so good results and the patient is out the money and still having the issue. Tainted by negative results, the patients are left with negative thoughts about it. The Dr.'s then tell them about PRP, which has it's place in medicine, but rarely effective for major tendon, soft tissue and musculoskeletal issues from different types of injury. Then, they tell them about Stem Cell Therapy and now it is Laser therapy which for the most part are limited in the efficacy the same as PRP.

Another reason is, most Dr.'s are about the money and if they have to spend out $100,000 on a High Energy machine that works and they have to sell Cash Pay to their patients they just keep it a secret to most everybody. The High Energy Machine that I have can go into the Operating Room and does every month. No machine that they have can even go into a medical setting like that. It is a hard road for this technology to get out to the masses. I think that people who know there is something besides surgery out here for them, search and find me and I keep doing everything that I know to do to get it out there for you. I hope this helps people understand a little more why it is such an unknown technology.


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