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Can High-Energy Shockwave Help Your Condition?

It Absolutely CAN! 

The EASIEST way to know how we can help, is to call me and I will discuss your specific issue or issues and give you a good understanding of what High-Energy ShockWave can do for you.


If needed, we can get your MRI, CT scan together that can be discussed with one of the Physicians.


Please Look through the Website and see how much we can help you with your situation. Call if you have any questions.

Some Patients have already been diagnosed with their condition, we can take those results into account. One of our Physician's can take a look at a recent X-Ray, MRI and/or CT Scan, to more precisely understand your current condition. We want what is right for you, we have treated MANY patients through the years, with Phenominal Results.

Don't Be Fooled:

NOT ALL ShockWave is The Same.

Hand held Pressure Wave


There are a large amount of offices using a Lessor Version of ESWT Technology, which has its place with one issue, Impotency.

Ask if the device is "Hand Held". If it is, IT IS NOT High-Energy ShockWave ESWT. 

Hand Held Devices CAN'T Get The Results

Common Sense will tell you that High Energy is Better Than Low. You can also ask if their    machine is used in an Operating Room setting to see if you are getting the right

High-Energy ShockWave Treatment for your issue. 

Orthospec In Surgery
High-Energy ShockWave is Effective at Treating Tendon, Musculoskeletal and Soft Tissue injuries or issues. It Also Heals Non-Union Bone Fractures.
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IF You Have TENDON, Musculoskeletal, Soft Tissue Issues. 
Musculoskeletal, Soft Tissue Issues. 

We Know That You Have Been Told That Surgery Is Your ONLY Option For Your Tendon, Musculoskeletal or Soft Tissue Injuries and You Know Better.
ShockWave ESWT is an Extraordinary Alternative to Invasive Surgery that has been getting people Back In Their Game returning their Quality of Life for many years.
High-Energy ShockWave ESWT is An Extremely Effective Modality in Orthopedics and Is Actually More Effective Than Surgery for most Tendon, Musculoskeletal or Soft Tissue Injuries, even Non-Union Fractures Can Be Healed with this Technology.
Even if you have already had surgery and you still have PAIN and/or, limited Range of Motion it can still be Corrected Effectively with High-Energy ShockWave (ESWT)! Ask your Physician to speak with us to see if High-Energy ShockWave can work for you, so we can get you "Back In YOUR Game".
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